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Adult chad in my naborhud

She is a past Associate Program Director of Penn's Med-Peds Program and currently mother of 3 children.Current out-of-the-hospital activities include eating a Philadelphia's fabulous BYOB's with husband Sean at a ridiculously early time, acquiring baby sitter for said dinner, hiding her son's pacifier as she attempts to wean him from it, teaching her daughter about early 90's fashion and TV shows and phone conversations with her large extended Jamaican family who always remind her that academic medicine is great, but that making an Olympic track team would be even better.

She grew up in New York and went to SUNY Stony Brook for medical school.

She can also be found exploring the delicious foods of Philly with her husband or friends. Wright is Core Faculty in the Medicine-Pediatrics Program.

She grew up in Illinois, then went to Harvard for college and medical school.

She completed a Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program and Masters in Health Policy Research at the University of Pennsylvania, and is currently as Assistant Professor at Penn.

She works to understand the associations that exist between pregnancy behaviors, mother and child, and designs family weight loss interventions with and for vulnerable communities.


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