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Addadicktome dating

WHY DOES EVERYBODY CONTINUALLY TELL US THAT THEIR KIDS ARE THEIR # 1 PRIORITY??? -A thick, perfectly marbled Ribeye steak with a little tarragon butter and Bernaise.-My third born son is ok. I think it's something fun though like Straw Berry Jam or Bheulla Ballbreaker. Love to play poker, bowling leagues, tennis, and my mostest favorestestest is golf. It would be twice as fun if I had the right company with me. It seems like I have been NEITHER the past few years. That first encounter can really set the mood not only for the rest of the night but our entire future together.He don't eat much....-Fast cars and long walks on the beach.-One of my nieces. I still enjoy "no-pants" Thursdays and this Friday will be Hawaiian Shirt Day.... It's usually a "Hit or Miss", so I like to grab the night by the sack and make it my, excuse me.... Here's my top 5:1) Dentist.2) Insurance Seminar.3)Co*k Fight.4) Wyoming.5) LADY's CHOICE!!

Join me at AM on @CTVOtt Morn Live TODAY (Wed July 4) where I'll be sharing my Top Tips on finding love in Ottawa!

*SPOILER ALERT*I'm not a dumbass all the time, I just like to have fun and make people laugh and smile. I can't fish, camp, and all other outdoorsy stuff enough. I write comedy sketches, Starting my stand up comedy career (tryin to hit them "open mic nights" and had the pleasure of working with Second City Improv troupe for a couple of years when they were in Vegas and had the show at the Flamingo.... I can't express enough on what a simple man I am.

And yes, I need to find more photos of me cause the only other ones I have were either from my stint in Gay Porn or back in 72 when I just got back from Nam. Wait, before I get into my least favorite subject being myself, I have just a few questions and comments. I'd LOVE to find somebody who puts their kids at like 3rd or 4th position on the totem pole. Well, I'm a capercorn, and I truly love:-Full body massages with "Full Release" intentions. And since you're so damn nosy, I'd love to audition for The Groundlings within 6 months.... Not tooooo much the club and bar scene (BUT LOVE TO DANCE so maybe once and awhile) and would much rather just kick at home and watch a movie or sumptin, and love board games. And in a few years (no more than 2, hopefully sooner) I plan on doin some traveling and just seeing the world.

#Ask Single Dating Diva #Dating Advice pic.twitter.com/8FP89b1jcx I just saw @Ottawa Police stop, get off his motorcycle & give a homeless person a bottle of water.

Compassion is so important, not forgetting those less fortunate especially in this hot weather #Ottawa Entering the dating world after divorce you're a little vulnerable, here's what I learned after my divorce …



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