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Accomodating resistance exercise equipment dating in eugene or

, however, if you know anything about biomechanics, there is nothing constant about it, unless of course we don’t move the weight.

As we push or pull, the muscles are changing length, the relationship of the resistance to the axis of motion is changing and of course acceleration, inertia, momentum and all of those other words of physics we love (or hate) come into play.

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Simple- Grab a pair of strength bands and use them appropriately in combination with free weights. Here are a few reasons: Linear Variable Resistance Principles- As the weight gets progressively heavier with the bands during a muscles range of motion your body will be forced to push or pull harder and with more force thus recruiting more muscle fibers during the movement of the exercise.

The further the bands strength the heavier the force becomes.

True Power Training- The other advantage is that you can now institute a different speed at which you can now move the weight because of the Elastic resistance.

Ion other words now that the free weight has little to no momentum you can ‘speed up” the exercise to where the muscle fibers are now contracting faster producing your body to recruit the fast firing type 2B muscle fibers in the muscle being emphasized in the exercise performed.


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