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How do you make sure that all children at your school get along?

We have students with diverse intellectual abilities, so we try to offer a relaxing environment for everyone. Some children may be reluctant to include their peers in conversations or in playground activities.

There's also information from previous teachers about the student’s learning habits and speed (so they know whether to offer extra practice or modified assignments), and specialists' observations about the child's learning needs.

These might include dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or speech and language delay.

They may have hearing impairments, autism at mild ranges within the spectrum, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorders, or speech and communication delays.

An educational psychologist, speech and occupational therapists, and a special educator put together a plan for the whole class.

A lack of understanding can result in hurtful remarks or bullying.

By taking time to prepare the school team, we create a positive climate that benefits our SEN students, and the teachers feel more confident.

The teacher then has a conversation with each student about their interests, and observes the student during their free time.

This helps the teacher tailor their teaching to match each child’s needs, and write which kind of modifications and assessments to use into their weekly lesson plan. We offer extra support for students with different learning needs.

How do you approach inclusion for the youngest children?

We have an early intervention plan that includes all preschoolers (age three to five) and improves everyone's abilities.


  1. The Temperment Trap Recognizing and Accomodating Children's Personalities. By Susan Culpepper. Early childhood professionals have individual.

  2. Number. Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders ASD usually demonstrate. Accommodating Children With Autism Within an Inclusive Setting. ○. ○. ○. ○.

  3. We asked Reem Al Hout, Principal of the American Academy of Beirut, a school which includes children with special educational needs SEN, about the.

  4. Accommodating definition is - willing to please helpful, obliging. How to use accommodating in a sentence. See accommodating defined for kids.

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