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It could use a few minutes dry time, but it's not a goopy smoke, it burns pretty consistent, maybe a couple relights. Pipe Used: Various briars Age When Smoked: Fresh, aged 1 year Purchased From: I've been smoking a pipe now for about a year or two.

The flavor lasts as you smoke through the bowl & sometimes ends with a little bit of moisture in the bottom. I started with aromatic blends and tended to lean towards vanilla flavored tobaccos.

Sure, its presence is unquestionable, but there's far more brown ribbons than black.

Another unorthodox trait for a heavier aromatic is the moisture: it's perfect.

The smoke: exactly what I anticipated from the tin-note: heavily cased. The toppings work nicely with one another, the smoke isn't monopolized by the vanilla; which commonly occurs where vanilla's found! Although it's good it would need me to want to add it to my afternoon aromatic rotation for full marks. I've been a fairly dedicated aromatic pipe smoker for 35 years (although I occasionally like a Vaper or mild Latakia blend for a change of pace).

The hazelnut's stronger for the inaugurate part of the smoke, it leads the flavour for the first quarter. It's nice, but not nice enough to make the rotation! Pipe Used: Ben Wade Champion Age When Smoked: One month Purchased From: I begin my review with the following disclaimer because me thinks an aromatic guy should more fairly judge aromatics & a natural guy is going to do the same for those blends which lack casings or top notes. I really enjoy Cult's first offering Blood Red Moon which is my usual go to smoke so I was compelled to try Abacus.

A smooth and subtle aro that is a refreshing break from the Englishes and Virginias.

I commend Cult for their ability to blend high quality tobaccos which you can taste and still deliver delicious flavor. Age When Smoked: brand new Purchased From: Pipesand Cigars Similar Blends: Cult blood red moon , just less cherry and in your face casing with a nutty cocao flavor..A truly pleasing blend and one to add to the rotation.Everything in this blend is complimentary and comes together to form one that is worth taking a look.That is apparent from opening the tin, you get a mellow cocoa/vanilla scent with a slight bit of hazelnut. This one (along with the newer Conspiracy) does not disappoint. Even though they pack a lot of flavor into this blend, you can still taste the quality of the leaf that they use.The taste is more of a balanced blend of the three flavors, which is really tasty. I highly recommend this blend for anyone with a taste for a good quality aromatic.Pipe Used: MM cobs & hardwoods Age When Smoked: fresh to couple months old Purchased From: P&C & smoking pipes I was given two tins of this last month. The tobacconist recommended I try Cult Abacus since it was relatively new. The first third of the bowl, I could taste cocoa, vanilla, and an almost nutty flavor. The second third of the bowl, you could taste the tobacco, but still maintained that wonderful flavor and aroma.I opened one, smoked two bowls and stuck the rest in the jar. I did not feel like throwing it in the oven so I stuffed it into a pipe and lit it. I usually don't smoke my pipes to the bottom of the bowl just because I tend to not like the strong flavors of the condensed tobacco and nicotine build up. It is a favorite of mine and will keep a tin on hand at all times! If you have tried BRM you will notice the same quality smoke. Pipe Used: OMS, Dagner, Peterson, MM Cob Age When Smoked: New Purchased From: P&C Cult - Abacus.After this it calms down clearing the way for the creamy vanilla and chocolate combination. The taste and smoke quality is good, but not quite as remarkable as BRM.I get the most tobacco flavour from the nutty Burley, the Virginias and Cavendish are a little way behind. The cocoa/vanilla/chocolate casing is there but not quite as pronounced as the cherry/chocolate casing flavors in BRM.I bought this tobacco because hazelnut was listed as one of the flavors, since I really enjoyed Nording Labrador. I have Jared the other tin and I will give it a year and retry. Pipe Used: Comoy Age When Smoked: fresh tin Purchased From: WASH. Curtis Draper Tobacco I can't believe I haven't reviewed this yet.Unlike Labrador, it does not have a dominant hazelnut flavor. I loved Blood Red Moon, so I now have to try everything that Cult releases. It packs well, isn't too moist right from the tin, stays lit, has an excellent flavor (cocoa, nuts, and maybe a hint of some spirits), and doesn't bite if smoked hard.


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