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Rather than measure geographic coverage, Open Signal's availability metric tracks the proportion of time users can connect to a particular network. K., availability scores were low, at least compared to North America, Northern Europe and East Asia.

EE ranked highest in our results with a 64% availability metric.

Meanwhile 3 ranked the lowest with an LTE availability 44% as our testers were able to connect to its 4G service less than half the time.

O2 and Vodafone were tied for second place in our availability rankings, each providing an LTE signal 60% of the time, according to our data.

By providing our testers with an LTE connection more often than a 3G connection, Vodafone was able to close the performance gap.

The final national metric covered in this report was latency, which measures the time it takes data to make a round trip through the network.

Operators with lower LTE availability tend to have lower overall speeds because their customers spend more time connected to slower 3G networks.

Though we measured faster 4G and 3G speeds for 3 than we did for Vodafone, we found Vodafone's overall speed of 12.3 Mbps was almost even with 3's.

As was the case in our national 4G availability metric, 3 wasn't even a contender on the regional level.

We measured the lowest LTE availability on 3's network in almost every single area, and in one region — Wales — our testers could only connect to 3's 4G network in one of every four attempts. operators generally outperformed their respective national benchmarks in North East England and Yorkshire and the Humber, but the biggest improvement for all four was in London.

This metric shows the average latency for each operator on 3G connections as measured by Open Signal users.

This metric shows the proportion of time Open Signal users have an LTE connection available to them on each operator’s network. Looking at 3, EE, O2 and Vodafone under the microscope, we found that U. operators are delivering consistently fast data connections to their customers, but LTE availability still leaves a lot to be desired outside of London. report in April, Open Signal made some adjustments to both the way we collect data from our smartphone apps and the methodology we use to parse that data.


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