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This was the worst result for any sitting Labour MP who was reselected, but in the final vote, Galloway gained 62% in total.

In his acceptance speech, Galloway assured his party there would be a "summer of peace and reconciliation", but this did not happen.

From November 1983 to 1987, Galloway was the General Secretary of War on Want, a British charity campaigning against poverty worldwide.

In this post he travelled widely, and wrote eye-witness accounts of the famine in Eritrea in 1985 which were published in The Sunday Times and The Spectator.

Galloway took his mother's side in arguments, He grew up in Charleston, Dundee and attended Charleston Primary and then Harris Academy, a non-denominational school, playing for the school football team as well as for West End United U12s, Lochee Boys Club U16s and St Columbus U18s.

Galloway became Vice-Chairman of the Labour Party in the City of Dundee and a member of the Scottish Executive Committee in 1975.

In a debate with the Leader of the Scottish National Party Alex Salmond, Galloway responded to one of Salmond's jibes against the Labour Party by declaring "I don't give a fuck what Tony Blair thinks".

Galloway failed to be selected for either seat, with Rhondda selecting Allan Rogers and Dunfermline East selecting future Chancellor of the Exchequer and later Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.

Standing as a candidate for a place on the Labour Party National Executive Committee in 1986, in a large field of eighteen candidates, Galloway finished in sixteenth place.

On , he contested his first election campaign in the Scottish district elections, but failed to hold the safe Labour Gillburn ward in Dundee being defeated by the Independent Bunty Turley.

After a trip to Beirut, Lebanon during 1977, Galloway became a passionate supporter of Palestine, stating during his libel case against The Daily Telegraph in 2004 that "barely a week after my return I made a pledge, in the Tavern Bar in Dundee's Hawkhill District, to devote the rest of my life to the Palestinian and Arab cause." In late 1981, Galloway was interviewed for the Scottish Marxist in which Galloway supported the affiliation of the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB) to the Labour Party, in the same way as the Fabian Society does.


  1. George Galloway born 16 August 1954 is a British politician, broadcaster and writer. Between 19, with a gap in 2010–12, he represented four.

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