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e) We put our obligation under export controls beyond the company's commercial interests.Specifically, we have established a comprehensive trade compliance team with strict policies and operation systems, including an internal export control system, and certification from authorities.After the talk they would be so **** scared they would probably go home and dig a porta-bunker.These dangerously naive selfish twits are too busy making money for themselves not to realise their enermy is poorly paid but highly motivated and very patriotic and they see their lifestyles as anethma of what they see and how to take them out. attack on the US and the forums of the internet..two and two together you get...

As Tempting it is to launch a counter-attack and wipe out their servers I left it to the 'our guys' to fight to fire with fire.Those Chinese made modems may have some backdoors they don't tell you about- hint.There has been a big-audit of stuff in my operation for electonic computing devices made from particular factories and countries.Stuxnet is one example that has the ability to cause a lot of issues. T security is paramount but from my experience its not taken seriously enough, let me rephrase that *understood* by the old crudies that run the place. The ammount of bot attacks I get on my Broadband service from china is pure madness.Yet the labour government wants to protect us from Porn and Political material and what they should be protecting us from is other countries.Our dependence on cyberspace for our critical infrastructure, communication and economy puts us at risk.Though we are one of the better-equipped nations to wage cyber war, there are no rules of engagement. So information now becomes a weapon like a artillery shell or a cluster bomb.For all us trend researchers this is probably one to look out for in 2011.With Wikileaks attracting MSM attention and now such sites will be used by nation states against one another.I got Wikileaks from a Italian server and you don't see a international dispute between Australia and Italy do you?They govt can hardly keep up it like the Manhattan project- out of control!!!


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