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She was kidnapped from the house, left in the desert, then thrown in Olaysha’s Women’s Jail, Riyadh.

She soon became yet another victim of the system, as were the so-called patients (political prisoners) she was trying to help. We have been told to lose all hope of ever having a normal life.

The death is said to have come after weeks of physical and sexual abuse at the hands of the prince.

According to US diplomatic cables released through Wikileaks, there is a wild party scene in Jeddah under the protection of Saudi princes.The Saudis responded by trying to suppress the film, and they failed.They retaliated by expelling the British ambassador to Riyadh, withdrawing 400 Saudi royals from Britain, and causing the UK £200 million in lost revenue from canceled orders and product boycotts.They are said to have been under the control of three of their half-brothers for the past 14 years, a supposed punishment for racy lifestyles and criticism of the royal family.Others among the king’s daughters have had successful careers and even championed human rights, so why these four were singled out is something of a mystery.He would be dispatched by beheading, which was reportedly botched so badly that it took four strokes to complete.The Saudi authorities attempted to keep the whole affair quiet, but it caused international outcry in 1980 when it became the subject of a docu-drama entitled , broadcast on the BBC and PBS.It’s a sad fact of life: Absolute monarchies generate more crazy stories than democratic republics.While the common people of the Saudi state are subject to strict rules and tender mercies of the religious police, the royal family are subject to no such restrictions and live lives of luxury and adventure.When Hala began to work as an intern at a hospital in Riyadh, she discovered political prisoners thrown in psychiatric wards, drugged and shamed to discredit them.She complained to her superiors and got reprimanded.


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