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100 scam dating sites

Oppressive governments, hateful organizations or individuals could embed cookies or tracking technology to geo-locate visitors to sites that meet a certain profile.

Scam artists can set up fake accounts through which to operate.

The dating site itself could become the target of attack, a breach could lead to the loss of identifying and/or embarrassing information.

ISPs, censors or hostile governments could target or monitor traffic looking for visitors in general, or a specific orientation in particular.

You can use the Google Image search function to find if the pictures have been posted elsewhere on the Internet.

They do this by asking lots of questions and playing the understanding and interested female, slowly building trust within the relationship.

The answers are used to help create the ideal fake woman, once the target starts to fall in love the next phase of the scam can start, the “cashing out” phase.

With that in mind it is easy to imagine at least a few of the risks inherent to this type of website: there is the chance of losing control of your personal information as well as the chance of personal physical injury, theft or worse.

Malware and/or hackers could target traffic coming to or leaving a known dating site in order to intercept vital information.


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