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The Shell Energy Transition Report helps answer questions from shareholders, governments and non-governmental organisations about what the energy transition means for us.During the toughest downturn in oil prices for decades, some energy projects had to find inventive ways to survive.The nurse-led telephone information service provided residents and visitors in England with healthcare advice 24 hours a day, every day of the year through telephone contact on the national non-geographic 0845 46 47 number.The programme also provided a web based symptom checkers on the NHS Direct website and via mobile, both as apps for i Phone and Android smart phones and a mobile website. As a part of the National Health Service, services were free, although the 0845 number was usually chargeable as a non-geographic number.All NHS Direct health advice and information on the website passed through a rigorous clinical check by medical professionals before it was published.Non-urgent health queries could be submitted to the NHS Direct online enquiry service and the website also offered a confidential webchat service for those needing advice about unprotected sex or emergency contraception.The NHS Direct website had a variety of symptom checkers, based on the same system used on the telephone service and could either give self care advice or direct a user to another NHS service.

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And are different parts of the world on course towards a lower-carbon future? As costs of building solar power plants and wind farms fall, renewable energy projects are helping in the move towards a lower-carbon future.

NHS Direct offered its full range of symptom checkers optimised for mobile devices on its mobile website and also launched stand alone ‘apps’ for i Phone and Android smart phones, both available in the normal app stores.

NHS Direct provided an interactive TV service via Sky Interactive until 31 March 2009, when the service was closed.

In England and Wales, the NHS Direct telephone service was available on 0845 46 47 and was run by a specially trained team of information handlers and healthcare professionals, including nurses and dental nurses.

The service was equipped to deal with a huge range of health enquiries, from symptomatic queries that require assessment and treatment, to requests for local healthcare services and healthy living advice.


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