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100 dating site in spain

That is why you see so many Belgian and Dutch people working for estate agents etc.From birth they have been comfortable in 3 or 4 languages. One speaks Dutch, German, English and Spanish and the other speaks German, Spanish, French and English.

Do any of these families make a proper go of it or do they just end up hand-to-mouth. Many of them start with “Hi, my name’s X and I’m thinking perhaps, maybe, possibly, at some time in the future of moving to Spain or maybe Malta, Florida, Greece or ….if……….

Sorry if the answer is a bit long winded but it is one of those “meaning of life questions” where the answer is more likely to be observations and opinions rather than “the police station is at Calle Mayor 36 and the telephone number is 9……..

Here is another and earlier reply to a similar question: Message: I agree with Bob 100%.

2) Would you tell me everything you know about Spain? If you do not speak Spanish the opportunities at getting much above the minimum wage are extremely limited.

You only need to see the vacancies section in the English language papers to recognise that.


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