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Also, there’s the double-whammy that bisexual people face biphobic discrimination from within the LGBT community. There are stereotypes that you’re ‘not gay enough’ to be in gay spaces, or don’t deserve to be there because you don’t experience the exact oppression.

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If you say, people will say you’re confused or try to tell you you’re gay or straight.

Don’t define someone as queer unless they said it about themselves first! Are straight women attracted to every man they meet? There’s definitely evidence that suggests that people are becoming more open and flexible about sexuality, with polls showing that over half of young people say they’re not 100% straight. If you’re someone that wants to settle down into a two-person, long-term, monogamous relationship at some point, you will inevitably have to pick a person to do that with. Why do bisexual people often not realise they’re bisexual until they’re older?

Are bisexual people promiscuous/more likely to cheat? If your partner is bisexual and cheats on you, they most likely would’ve still done it if they were gay or straight. We live in a world of 7 billion – there are lots of people available to sleep with whatever your sexuality. This narrative is very strong and extremely damaging to the bisexual community! However far fewer people, more like one in 100, actively identify as bisexual and, as such experience the whole host of oppression that comes with that. Often people realise they’re gay not because they notice they have same-gender attraction, but because they notice they DON’T have other-gender attraction. they don’t understand why all their friends fancy the girls at school.

You may be attracted to different genders in different ways, or have a “type” of man you’re attracted to, for example.

But many people think of pansexuality as attraction regardless of gender.


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