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10 things you need to know about dating Chat canal sexo

You will understand why he started losing interest, why he suddenly shut down, why he suddenly withdrew.

Rejection doesn’t just mean he asks you out or asks for your number and you say no.I honestly never knew or even considered how vital it is for a man to feel like a winner.I never saw it discussed or even hinted at in magazines or relationship books, and it certainly isn’t something men tell you outright. Once you know it, however, you will see it in everything he does. You won’t feel like he isn’t prioritizing you or doesn’t care …Rejection hurts no matter what your gender, but it takes different forms for men and women.Given what we learned in the last chapter about how essential it is for a man to feel like a winner, it’s not surprising that most men are absolutely terrified of rejection.When I tell people what I do for a living, they always ask for the most surprising or important thing I’ve learned about men through writing about relationships.This chapter is the long version of my answer: Men need to feel like winners.If there is anything I’ve learned over the last seven years spent writing about men and relationships, it’s that knowledge is power. It grants you freedom from being stuck in dead-end relationships, from racking your brain trying to figure out what he’s thinking and how he feels.It frees you from the stress, insecurity, and worry that come with not knowing.When a man feels like a woman disapproves of him or is disappointed in him, he feels rejected.He feels not good enough, like a loser, like he has failed when he should have won. When you understand what rejection means to a man and how he experiences and processes it, it will shine a light on a whole new world.


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