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10 commandments of dating for men

According to a study in the women are more attracted to dudes in red than any other color, finding them more attractive, powerful, and sexually desirable.

But before you tie the knot, you’ll need to find your bride-to-be.

Don’t be tricked into divulging too much information, she advises.

“The more you disclose, the closer you become to the other person, which makes it easier to get hurt.” Be honest about your wants and interests but wait until you trust the person before diving into the deep stuff. THOU SHALT NOT GET WEIRD AFTER GETTING REJECTED If a woman doesn’t respond to your message, don’t take it personally.

THOU SHALT NOT DIVE INTO THE DEEP STUFF In a study at Capella University, online daters felt like they were seeing an old friend on their first date—but that familiarity can backfire, experts say.

“Talking online could give you a false indication of how well you know your date,” says Black.


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